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We were so lucky to be a part of this incredible cultural wedding, and to work with a bride as amazing as Anneke! She really gave us the professional freedom to select the color palette we thought would complement her attire (more about that in a second) and the feeling of the day best.

Anneke wore a bridal sari, and my goodness it was breathtaking! Her dress was made for her wedding day in India which presented quiet the challenge to find the perfect mix of flowers to complement it. With a deep berry fuchsia stock, purple dendrobium orchids, and Picasso calla lilys, we were able to bring out the amazing color and texture of her Sari.

Here is a little blurb about the background behind the bridal sari- The attire that a bride wears on her wedding day is deeply connected with the customs and traditions of the family and the community to which she belongs. It is important to understand the local culture to appreciate the finer aspects of the bridal dress. Accessories or jewelry a bride wears has a meaning and significance to it. It is lovely to see the bride decked up in bridal finery. Lot of work goes behind the grandeur of the wedding sari. Most Indian bridal wedding saris are luxurious and are made from silk inter-fused with gorgeous gold thread work.

The couple also exchanged wedding flower garlands. When Indian couples marry in a traditional wedding, they give one another long floral necklaces in a ceremony called Jaimala, also known as the exchange of the garlands. The Jaimala symbolizes the couple’s respect for each other and their promise to accept one another. Wedding garlands are made of vibrantly colored blooms strung tightly together for maximum visual impact and are a colorful, sweet-smelling part of the Indian wedding.

It was for sure one of the most vibrant and bold weddings we have had the pleasure of doing! Take a look at these stunning photos below by the ever wonderful Emily Chastain.