Flowers for Love & Romantic Occasions

Impress Your Loved Ones with a Bouquet

Flowers are a wonderful way to tell someone that you care about them or that you love them, regardless of your exact relationship. Whether you have a friendship blossoming into something more, a recent love affair, or a long-term relationship, your loved one will likely be very pleased to receive a bouquet of flowers. At Little House of Flowers, we believe that you can celebrate love any day of the year, and not just on Valentine’s Day.

We can offer you beautiful bouquets for your loved one for:

  • Anniversaries
  • Prom and school dances
  • Date nights
  • Special events
  • Just because

Our florists are highly experienced and knowledgeable about flowers and are here to help put together something beautiful for you. We welcome you to celebrate the love you share with a romantic bouquet. Call us today at (410) 923-3170 if you would like to request more information about our services!

Why Choose Us?

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