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Today’s couple was sent to us from our favorite planner, Angie Hilz, from AJK Events! The groom is a meteorologist for the National Weather Service in Annapolis and we sure had lots to talk about other than the wedding. Their consultation came one day before the Polar Vortex, and 12 inches of snowfall! Speaking of their consultation, they were just the sweetest, and held hands through the entire thing!
Every now and then we get a groom with bigger opinions than his bride, and this was one of those cases. He just kept telling me that he wanted lots of fragrance, that the smell of flowers in a room just made him happy and he wanted to be able to smell them before he saw them. And when the time came for him to see them, he wanted to SEE them! He was wanting a big impact so we agreed to mix the pastels that the bride wanted with the bright orange and fuchsia that the groom wanted! The results were a stunner!

The setting for their wedding was in the beautiful rolling hills of Montgomery County, MD. Their church, Cedar Ridge Community Church, has this gorgeous lawn and a wonderful barn that housed the reception and dancing.

We used lots of stock, carnations and sweet smelling baby’s breath for their big day! By mixing all those scents it created an intense floral smell that was still soft and sweet to match them!

I adored the simplicity of their ceremony that was accented with bundles of baby’s breath galore! And the weatherman couldn’t have asked for a better day! It was cool, with a soft breeze just strong enough to get the ribbon blowing. It was really beautiful!


  • Photography: Hamilton Photography
  • Event Planning: AJK Events
  • Venue: Cedar Ridge Community Church Barn
  • Florist: Little House of Flowers
  • Caterer: Creative Cuisine