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Keep Your Flowers Looking Fresh and Beautiful

When you purchase or receive a floral arrangement, there are a few tips that can help your flowers last longer and look their best. At Little House of Flowers, we sell the freshest flowers which should last for about four to seven days, depending on the type of flower and the type of care. Our Anne Arundel florist offers additional tips and advice to prolong the life of your floral arrangements.

floral arrangement in vase

Tips for Flower Care

  • For loose flowers or flowers in a box: Keep them in a cool place and follow the directions on the flower food packet. Fill a vase with water and add the flower food, before removing the leaves below the waterline. Cut the tips of the stems with a sharp knife.
  • For floral arrangements: Fill a vase with water and add flower food (mixed per the directions) to the water. Flowers in the vase should be kept away from sunlight or heat. Cut the stems with a sharp knife, about two inches from the bottom.

Call for More Tips

If you are able to select the flowers yourself, you should choose ones which are firm, upright, and just beginning to open. For additional tips, please call our office today at 410-923-3170!

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