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Hope everyone enjoyed a nice relaxing holiday and is having a great start to 2015! We started our year off with an awesome bridal show at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club in Stevensville, MD! It was an honor to be asked to design the breezeway with Lauren Niles from Lauren Niles Events, and the fabulous girls from 2Hands Studio. We were given the task of tying together everything from the china and linens, to the boat bar and sailboats, with one of this years hottest colors; dark raspberry.

Our overall theme was romantic costal which is perfect for the Beach Club. Driftwood was a key feature, which lucky for me, I was able to combine two obessions, driftwood and peonies! We wanted it to look freshly washed up from the ocean, but instead of seaweed and other not so beautiful things that wash up, we swapped florals in their place. The beautiful “Sara Red” peony was our inspiration and it was a beauty. We accented those with Ecuadorean roses, star of Bethlemhem, raspberry astible from Holland, Dutch tulips and tons of hydrangeas! The stunning garland was handmade in our shop by one of our talented designers and it was made of four different types of eucalyptus. It has an incredibly soft scent that filled the room!

Shout out to Leo DJ Photography for capturing some great shots!